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Checkout and payment (eCommerce)

Adding/editing shop checkout and payment preferences

Tip: Test payment methods - you are responsible.

Read your bank's Internet merchant policy and testing information carefully. You will need to test that payments made through your website appear at your merchant account. 

You are responsible for ensuring that your payments are received correctly. 

If you have any questions, experience any errors or do not find the gateway that you require in the selection menu, please contact customer service immediately.

  1. Go to Preferences > Checkout and Payments.
  2. Enter/edit payment preferences. You can elect to accept payments through one option from the Accept credit card payments section and/orall options under Other payment types and Manual payment types.
  3. Click the Save Preferences button.

Accept credit card payments

Online credit card transactions: Customers can enter their credit card details to be approved (or disproved) online using a secure gateway (i.e., Westpac Web Advantage and Commbank Payment Gateway).

For users that already have an Internet Merchant Account:

  1. Select the credit card gateway that applies to your bank.
  2. Enter your Merchant ID and password.
  3. Click the Save Preferences button.

For users that do not have an Internet Merchant Account:

  • If you do not already have an Internet Merchant Account, you will need to call your bank to enquire.  Different banks have slightly different fees and policies. They will inform you which gateway they use.
  • Once you have created an account, you can enter the details into the site preferences.
  • Banks often issue a testing I.D so that you and the bank can verify that payments are being made successfully. When the testing phase is complete you are issued with a vaild Merchant I.D to start processing real payments.

Email card details using SSL and PGP:
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is an email encryption program that will allow you to receive credit card details securely through email.  You must have PGP Software to use this option. Once the Software is set up on your preferred email program, enter you PGP User ID (email address) and your Public Key into the relevant fields. 

See for more information on purchasing PGP.


Not Configured: This option will prevent online payments from being accepted.


Other payment types

PayPal: To process payment through PayPal you must have a PayPal account. Once your PayPal account is created, enter the account details into this section, including the currency code that you prefer to accept payment in (for example AUD - Australian Dollars).

See for more details on opening a PayPal account.


Manual payment types

Print fax order Form: Select this option to allow the customer to print out the order, fill in their credit card details and fax the order to you. The fax number on the order form is generated by the fax number entered into your business information preferences.
Phone for Credit Card details: Select this option to receive an email notifying you that an order has been placed. The notification will also contain a contact number that you can use to call the customer and ask them for their credit card details over the phone.
Direct Deposit: Select this option to allow your customers to pay by direct depositing funds into your nominated bank account. Once this option is selected, a box will appear. Enter your nominated bank account details (name, BSB, account number).
Cheque/Money Order: Select this option to allow your customers to see the address where they can send their cheque/money order to. Once this option is selected, a box will open. Enter the name that the cheque needs to be made out to as well as a postal address.


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