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Orders and email notifications (eCommerce)

Adding/editing shop order and email notification preferences

Tip: Customers like good communication!

Email notifications are a great way to keep customers informed on the progress of their order and greatly contribute to your online credibility.

The Orders section controls what happens after the customer has successfully completed a purchase.

You are able to create automated email messages, apply rates for other services such as gift wrapping and elect which countries you will accept orders from.

  1. Go to Preferences > Orders and Email Notifications
  2. Edit settings (see below for an explanation of each field)
  3. Click the Save Preferences button. 


  • Email for orders: Enter the full email address that will receive notification for all orders placed through the shop.
  • Enter starting order number: Enter a number greater than any existing orders already in the system. This option eliminates the possibility of doubling-up from historical order information, and means you won't have to restart your order count if you had a previous online ordering system. You may like to relate it to your current order setup.

Email notifications

  • Send automatic email confirmation after customer makes order: Select Yes to send a confirmation email out to each customer once they have clicked Confirm at the final payment screen.  Select No if you would not like automatic confirmation email to be sent.
  • Email message: Enter a message to appear at the top of the confirmation email sent to the customer.  The message should thank the customer for their order and provide them with a rough timeframe and brief description of the next steps in the process.
  • Send automatic email confirmation after customer order is shipped: Select Yes to send out an email informing the customer that their order has been shipped once the order is listed as ‘shipped'. See page 61 for details on listing orders as "Shipped".  Select No if you would not like automatic confirmation email to be sent after customer order is shipped.
  • Email message: Enter a generic message to appear at the top of the shipping confirmation email that will be sent to every customer when their order is shipped.

Gift Wrapping

  • Provide Gift Wrapping: Select Yes to add gift wrapping as an option for your products.
  • Allow personal message: Select Yes to allow customers to attach personal messages to products that they purchase from your shop.
  • Gift Wrapping Prices: If you have elected to enable gift wrapping use these fields to create different pricing options for the wrapping. To add an option, type a name into the Option name field (i.e. Red Ribbon) and then enter a Cost for that option (i.e. 5.00).

Allowed Countries

  • Accept orders from these countries: Place a tick next to All Countries to accept orders from all around the world.
  • Accept orders from selected countries: Hold down the Ctrl key and click on each country name to choose a selection of countries to allow orders from. The tick must be removed from the All Countries box.

IMPORTANT: Remember that you will need to double check the country of your customer in the Orders area of the Site Builder.   The Site Builder can only apply this rule based on IP addresses. Some visitors may mask their IP address to prevent it being recognized as belonging to an individual country.

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