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Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to find the solution to a problem you may be experiencing or use the left menu to find articles by topic area, and check out the description of all tools in the content editor to discover ways of editing your web content more efficiently.

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  • Version 4.0 of our eCommerce CMS platform has been released and is slowly being introduced to more and more clients, hence you are likely to see here references to functionality that may not be available from within your website Dashboard. Get in touch with us to discuss the benefits of the new platform features.
  • Did you know? The Module Manager available on all Page Editors allows you to embed dynamically-controlled content onto any web, blog or product page. The feature has been available for some time but if you don't actively utilise, check it out from the Toolbar of any Page Editor. Look for the gold-coloured star. To experiment, create an Unattached page and try some of its functionality. We'll soon post a how-to guide.

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Our help repository references all versions of the website management tools (Content Management System - CMS), however, some functionality within this repository may not be available in your website's Dashboard. To discuss upgrading, contact your sales consultant or call us on the phone number at the bottom of this page.

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